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A Czech brand focusing on the production of beautiful things that will transform an ordinary moment into something magical.


An aesthetically pleasing aroma lamp that turns the sensation of scent into a deeper experience and also serves as a beautiful household art piece in both light and dark settings. View all

Artisinal handmade production of aromalamps

A special mold is created separately for each aroma lamp and must be broken in the glassworks during the blowing process. Only this time-demanding method can create a significantly organic glass relief.
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About the brand

The 27ASCENT brand was created out of a desire to have a beautiful moment. To stop and realize that we are living right now and here, and there is no point in waiting for anything. I wanted to be surrounded by beautiful things that would not only please my eye but also help me to experience the current moment to the fullest. Scent is powerful for me. It can calm, arouse, heal or hug.

Lenka Kerlicka, founder of 27ASCENT
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