Natural perfume oil



Scent profile

osmanthus – sandalwood – rose – grapefruit – tangerine

FLOW is a scent inspired by the natural, creative state a person reaches when he and his activity are connected as one – time stops existing. The combination of rare Osmanthus and vigor of sandalwood, gentle roses, and summer citrus notes of grapefruit and tangerine compose a euphoric fragrance which opens new possibilities and beginnings.

This purely natural perfume oil was created in cooperation with certified aromatherapist Kateřina Kloudová from Aroma Atelier. All our chosen ingredients are organic and are grown in ethical conditions. The scents FLOW, SENSE and NOW can be layered to create a unique and individual composition.

How to use

Apply the scent to pulse points using the roll-on applicator. Focus on the feeling received from massaging the scent in circular motions. Close your eyes, inhale the scent, and focus on how you feel. Come to realize who you want to be in life; imagine it. Repeat this ritual every time you want to reconnect with yourself.