Luxury hand-blown aroma lamp, crystal clear



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An aesthetically pleasing aroma lamp that turns the sensation of scent into a deeper experience and also serves as a beautiful household art piece in both light and dark settings.

Every aroma lamp has a unique shape and color that is created by hand-blowing Bohemian glass. A special mold is created separately for each aroma lamp and must be broken in the glassworks during the blowing process, only this time-demanding method can create a significantly organic glass relief. Each bowl is hand-shaped from brass by experienced Mr.Poledne. When the brass production is finished, a brass stand fits exactly on the bowl for each aroma lamp. Because each piece is different, more time and patience is needed so that everything fits nicely, and the bowl can proudly carry the scent through space.

The shape of the aroma lamp is based on moods. The  textures and traces were being created and interweaved. They seemed to be left by a gentle breeze, a scent floating through the air, a stormy sea, loose sand, or sociable voices at a dinner table.

The object which carries all these moods was created. In some places, the texture of the aroma lamp is fine, fragile, and in other places turbulent and raw.

Based on designs and mood boards by Lenka Kerlická, designer Eliška Monsportová has composed this piece and thus embodied the whole vision.


Every single piece is blown by hand in the glassworks in Nový Bor, Czech Republic. All brass components have been shaped by hand in Prague.


Approx. 13 x 13 cm – Each aroma lamp is original and each has slightly different dimensions


Each aromalamp is carefully packed in a handmade box and it contains a tea candle.



Brass bowl

The upper part of the aroma lamp is made of brass. Brass is a noble material and gains its patina through use. We could have used stainless steel, but we wanted to imprint the craftsmanship in each material used and highlight the golden color that suits the Czech glass. By using water and essential oils, the patina settles on the brass bowl. This patina can be removed with ammonia brass cleaner.

It is also possible to use incense in the brass bowl, which does not create this patina.