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At the beginning, it was clear to us that we really wanted to go
the natural way.

Production process

To create a scent where the individual signatures will complement and not nullify each other, the essences are handled with care and comprehensive knowledge and experience.

We knew we had to choose someone capable of doing all of this to meet our high requirements. After a long search and testing of suppliers, we were thrilled with the approach of Kateřina Kloudová from Aroma Studio. She is one of few certified aromatherapists in the Czech Republic and her knowledge of aromatherapy is absolutely fascinating. To produce a purely natural aromatherapy perfume requires real mastery.

Together with Katka, we were deliberating over the individual specifications that the scent is supposed to symbolize, over the inexhaustible number of essences, and over the samples that we tested on ourselves. We had several dozen versions for one scent. The development process took more than 9 months. We experienced several sleepless nights because of the approval process, choosing the right packaging material, and much more.

But we can say with a pure heart that unique, natural scents were created and we believe they will be a part of your everyday life. These harmonious tones of natural essences can bring a smile to your lips, give you courage, or transport you magically to a place of absolute peace. Whatever you experience in life, the right scent enhances and harmonizes your experience.